10 November 2011

Mind Under Training (Introduction)

I realised that while I have been writing my extremely influential (!) articles, I still haven’t introduced myself properly. And since this blog is now more popular (who would have thought) than I expected, I feel that it is something I should have done already.

Well, I am an alien 25-year-old woman living in the graphic yet moody city of London, a psychologist under training (UK regulations require me to clarify), and attempting to get the infamous “Dr” title (?) in front of my name – we shall see! I have the same issues as the average 25-year-old woman, perhaps a lot more as you may see.

The two main things you should have probably realised about me by now (that is if you actually bothered reading my previous masterpieces) are that I am sarcastic (both towards self and others), ironic (mainly towards others), and I listen to Heavy Metal. And you would have probably inferred that I am a disdainful, arrogant Miss-Knows-It-All...and you would be probably right!

Just kidding, I don’t know everything, yet.

My main purpose in life is to listen, love, learn, and become genuinely open-minded (please refer to my pretentious open-mindedness post). I don’t really like the way the world operates (but who does anyway) and I am determined to change a fraction of it (i.e. a helpless hopeful idealist) with what I’ve got, which unfortunately is not that much. I kind of hate vanity (please refer to my generation: vanity post) but I have come to believe that we all have it somewhere in our DNA structure.

I am also not religious at all although I was meant to be (according to familial, societal, and global values but that’s another blog post altogether – watch this space). And here is where some of you may infer that I am Satan’s advocate (this blog is not for you then). Sorry to disappoint you, I am not that important (to Satan at least). I don't dance round a pentagram, naked, while holding a goat's head and singing Antichrist songs (although it would make a great movie). I just prefer Science over Fiction - although come to think of it science fiction movies have their merits too - but I will not get into a debate about this in the blog – ok maybe a little bit.

I love great music (sorry to disappoint people but some genres out there are not music) and that means I love music developed by people playing real, tangible instruments (please refer to my Why I choose Heavy Metal post). I listen to Rock N’ Roll if I am allowed to sum it all up under that term (quoting the great Lemmy). I spend most of my money on gigs as these offer me the “high” other people get from drugs. Which brings me to another point: Drugs kill people – some do slower than others. End of story.

In order to learn, I travel...a lot, mostly in Europe; not because of choice but because of money (under training, remember?). People who die with no such experiences (mainly due to choice), do so incomplete. I try to love art (sometimes it's much harder than it seems), and I do, most of it. I also believe that if mind is the door to the unconscious and the unseen, then books are the key. So I read quite a lot (from trashy magazines to scientific journals). Also I write (as you can see from this blog) and I think I do that pretty well (think).

Finally, I am proud of myself (surprised?) for mainly one reason: I have reached a point where I can “see” through my big head and have an insight, a meta-cognition (for the fellow psychologists ...under training) of my stupid/wrong/stereotypical/weird thoughts, actions, and dispositions, the same ones that I see everyday around me in other people. For a self-obsessed person like me that’s not a happy place to be, at all! The good thing is that I can take a step forward and talk about it in a blog – for the whole world to see – and show what an insightful, open-minded, really really smart person I am (see above re issues). What I write here in this blog, do not necessarily exclude me.

Plainly put, I am just writing what most people already think/know/observe/realise/do not admit about themselves, others, and society. I criticise and judge as a result of disappointment, contempt, and hope at the same time – in a vain attempt to:
1. Cover with words my own self-doubt and the little voice in my head;
2. Minimise my attention-seeking behavioural patterns and the feelings these cause by doing it in a useful and entertaining way;
3. Achieve self-affirmation;
4. Provoke thinking.

So, don’t shoot the messenger, just enjoy the debate. Oh, and give peace a chance!

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