22 October 2011

Generation: Vanity

I introduce to you the generation of vanity:

* Egocentricity: me me me me!
* Self-esteem: appears to be high even borderline narcissistic but in reality bottom low and highly insecure
* Self-obsession: obvious due to too much make-up, too much hairstyling, too much fake tan, too much of everything
* Thickness: intellectually-challenged, i.e. IQ < 90
* Social disability: no real friendships, bitchiness, gossip, backstabbing, sabotaging
* Loudness: attention-seeker, annoying, wannabe
* Interests: fashion, clubbing, sex, gym
* Education: minimum
* Occupation: girlfriend to rich guy
* Life purpose: next top model, pop star, wife of rich guy


* Egotism: me, mine, and I!
* Self-involvement: own life and needs over and above everyone else's
* Mental abilities: limited, overshadowed by body issues
* Vainglory: muscle-building, greasy hair, body waxing, fake tan
* Social status: relatively high, friendships based on money and greed
* Interests: body building, tennis, strip-clubs, sex
* Education: as much as he can get away with
* Occupation: banker (replace b with w)
* Life purpose: money and sex

- intellectual balance: you can only have a certain amount of Einstein-like humans
- social comparison: used as an example to be avoided by parents to their children
- natural selection: self-explanatory (read Darwin)
- emotional buffer: used as punch balls for venting frustration and hate towards society and its values

Future Directions: Breed Limit
Although useful, people like the above-mentioned need to be limited in terms of reproduction for obvious reasons. As a friend said, if evolution is not doing what it's supposed to do, I better get a shotgun and start helping.

Disclaimer: No I will not start shooting people, I trust evolution.
Image credit:
C. Allan Gilbert

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