02 November 2013

Heavy Metal Profiling Survey

You have every right to call me lazy or any other decorative adjective. I haven't posted anything in months. Not that your life is significantly changed or even affected by what I post here but I know quite a few who enjoy what shit I have to say and follow every post. Thank you 2 1/2 fans!

As you know I'm a doctorate student meaning I have no life other than writing my PhD while listening to Heavy Metal. The latter gets me through the bad times when I think this will never end. My bad times currently add up to a magnificent 7 full days per week. Not that you care.

So, apologies for not posting some life-changing writing; I'll try and be better etc etc you know the usual bullshit every blogger serves to their readers. Fact is I want you guys to come back and read my stuff otherwise what's the point? Vanity you bitch!

The researcher in me came up with an idea. Why don't I do a mini survey for my readers? So here's the plan. I constructed a mini questionnaire to see where your music preferences lie. I ask you some personal questions like age, gender, etc as well. It's directed at rock and metal fans out there so sorry "POPers"! As soon as I reach a big enough number I'll do my magic in statistics and bring you a complete profiling of yourselves. Just so you don't get all wary and that I'm out to get you....it's completely confidential so no names or nicknames are required; completely anonymous.

This should be a fun thing. So go ahead and complete the survey and be amazed by the results! Another post will follow later on with a summary. You will find it under the Metal Survey bar on the menu at the top of the blog. Otherwise just click HERE and it'll take you straight to it. Complete it and make sure you share it with metallers and rockers alike! We want to get as many of you possible.

In the meantime rock on!

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