24 January 2014

Gig Catch-up...The "Dark" Side (Part 1 of 2)

I haven't posted any gig reviews for a while now and you may think that I'm over them....NOT! The past few months leading up to the new year were my "re-discover the 'dark' side of metal" months.

First, I went to the much talked about gig: Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil & Katatonia all in one. Kind of like the BLT sandwich. 3 in 1. I'm a fool for a bargain...quality bargain that is. Representing Scandinavia, Katatonia opened the night. A quite long night for that matter. With their L'Oreal-caliber manes (they're worth it) they banged and banged and banged their heads to the sounds of "Viva Emptiness" like that was the last time they would be allowed to do so. I liked them very much though I would not prescribe them to people with a soft spot for knives, guns, and other death-inducing instruments. 7/10

On to the Mediterranean side and Lacuna Coil. I haven't seen them in 5 years so it was a nice catch-up. Scabbia et al. were a nice sandwich filling between Katatonia and Paradise Lost. They were exciting, lively, passionate and borderline pop (yes). A guilty pleasure I'm not ashamed of! 8/10

And on to the big guns, the UK front. The innovators of their time. Paradise Lost. I had VERY high expectations from this legendary band. They were half-met. Musically they were fine. It's the presentation I was a bit disappointed in. A bit catatonic (!?) I would say. I know, I know...it's all doom and gloom and stuff but where's the passion? 25 years isn't that long now is it? I know couples that celebrate their 25-year anniversary that are more excited than this! It might have been the previous Scabbia-induced commotion but I felt a bit bored at times. 6/10

Videos can be seen here.

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