20 July 2012

Ode to the Souls

This is a piece of writing I created when I was in a considerably worse psychological and surely less mature state. It's funny how post-teenagehood angst along with a combination of words can transform into a weird "poem". Enjoy but don't take it too seriously, it's not meant to be a piece of art! Quite the opposite.

Endless tyranny that refuses to seize.
Fear (...), in the strange figures that pose in front of Life.

(...) of the End?

The desire for Life...
Is deadly.

Souls chased by Sadness.
Shady, empty.
Curious souls dressed up with vague masks.
Delusions between...

they are scared
they withstand
they kill
and they get killed.

Sedulous straggle for existence.
Is it worth it?

they ignore but they endure.
Without purpose, without reason.
Naked hopes, reckless acts.
Blind path towards infinity.

They survive.
Image Credits:
Painting by Alex Gardega at http://gardega.com

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